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“Hello. Is Anybody Here?”

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      “Hello. Is Anybody Here?” is a collection of four vignettes developed by the staff from the Iowa Department for the Blind in collaboration with the Workforce Innovation and Technical Assistance Center, to engage service professionals in discussions that will support them in improving customer service to individuals who are blind.

      The objectives of the discussion and videos are as follows: 1. Recognize the customer service experiences in American Job Centers for blind customers; 2. Promote service design that achieves full inclusion; 3. Increase understanding of what “program access” really means; 4. Build the comfort level of American Job Center staff in working with blind consumers; and 5. Increase staff understanding of some of the particular challenges faced by blind job seekers.

      With the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the Iowa Department for the Blind (IDB), as one of Iowa’s Core Partner agencies, developed this approach to increase the comfort and ability of our colleagues in fully including individuals who are blind in the career services and career pathway models of American Job Centers. In practice, each of the four vignettes have been presented “live” in staff training sessions with a Department for the Blind staff member facilitator. With the use of the Facilitator’s Guide and the videos, other disability subject matter experts can host the same discussions at their offices.

      Videos of Training Simulation
      Videos of Training with Descriptive Narration
      Facilitator’s Guide