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Chapter 216D: Operation of Food Service in Public Buildings

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      (This chapter not enacted as a part of this title; transferred from chapter 601C in Code 1993)

      216D.1 Public policy.

      It is the policy of this state to provide maximum opportunities for training blind persons, helping them to become self-supporting and demonstrating their capabilities. This chapter shall be construed to carry out this policy.

      [C71, §93C.1; C73, 75, 77, 79, 81, §601C.1]
      C93, §216D.1

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      216D.2 Definitions.

      For the purposes of this chapter:

      1. "Food service" includes restaurant, cafeteria, snack bar, vending machines for food and beverages, and goods and services customarily offered in connection with any of these.

      2. "Public office building" means the state capitol, all county courthouses, all city halls, and all buildings used primarily for governmental offices of the state or any county or city. It does not include public schools or buildings at institutions of the state board of regents or the state department of human services.

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      83 Acts, ch 96, §157, 159
      C93, §216D.2
      94 Acts, ch 1173, §9

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      216D.3 Agreement with commission for blind.

      A governmental agency which proposes to operate or continue a food service in a public office building shall first attempt in good faith to make an agreement for the commission for the blind to operate the food service without payment of rent. The governmental agency shall not offer or grant to any other party a contract or concession to operate such food service unless the governmental agency determines in good faith that the commission for the blind is not willing to or cannot satisfactorily provide such food service. This chapter shall not impair any valid contract existing on July 1, 1969, and shall not preclude renegotiation of such contract on the same terms and with the same parties.

      [C71, §93C.3; C73, 75, 77, 79, 81, §601C.3]
      C93, §216D.3

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      216D.4 Other public buildings.

      With respect to all state, county, municipal, and school buildings which are not subject to section 216D.3, the governmental agency in charge of the building shall consider allowing the commission for the blind to operate any existing or proposed food service in the building, and shall discuss such operation with the commission for the blind upon its request.

      [C71, §93C.4; C73, 75, 77, 79, 81, §601C.4]
      C93, §216D.4

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