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Advocacy: National Federation of the Blind

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      National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

      Dr. Newel Perry and Dr. Jacobus tenBroeck founded the NFB as an advocacy organization whose purpose was to be the “voice of the blind” and was to be led by blind individuals.  Particular issues the NFB focused on were employment opportunities for the blind beyond sheltered workshops, and the promotion of local White Cane Laws that guaranteed access in public places to anyone using a white cane.  For further reading on activities that Iowans associated with the NFB were involved in, please follow the links below.

      National Acreditation Council (NAC)

      Model White Cane Law

      Airline Descrimination

      For more information on the National Federation of the Blind, please visit their website at

      For the NFB's perspective on the split and formation of the ACB, please follow this link: Walking Alone and Marching Together.  For the ACB's perspective of this event, please go to the ACB page.