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Personal Histories

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      This page offers both oral and written personal histories provided by blind and visually impaired Iowans. Please refer to the terms of use when citing personal histories from this web site.

      Oral Histories

      An alphabetic list of oral histories collected fall 2010 through 2011. Histories by Topic.

      A - C

      Arnold, Karen

      Bagley, Lucy

      Barber, Michael

      Borgwardt, Janice

      Brandt, Peg

      Bryant, Dorothy

      Clarke, Mary

      Collins, Alvin

      Craig, Howard

      D - G

      Dolinsek, Bettina

      Dolinsek, Cody

      Domanico, Eugene

      Duncan, Intesar

      Dunlavy, Lucille

      Duvall, Louise

      Elliott, Peggy

      Enderton, April

      Erpelding, Roger

      Gashel, James

      Gerhold, Eldred

      H - L

      Hagemoser, Steve

      Hamling, John & Hamling, Pat

      Hart, Ted

      Hauge, Dave

      Hibbs, Carolyn

      Hicklin, Mike

      Higley, Rosemary

      Hoenig, Mike

      Hunt, Steve

      Ice, Jonathan

      Ice, Karla

      Keninger, Karen

      Lenz, David

      M - R

      Manahl, Michael

      Martin, Debra

      McGee, Mary

      McVeety, Mavis

      Miracle, Linda and Elwood

      Monthei, Elsie

      Moritz, Doris

      Omvig, Jim

      Omvig, Sharon

      Peckham, Mary

      Piper, Julie

      Platt, Kristal

      Rau, Darla

      Reimers, Dave

      Ryan, Sandi

      S - Z

      Sheppard, Ed

      Simmons, Robert

      Slayton, Jo Ann

      Smith, Helen

      Smith, Patricia

      Snowbarger, Jim

      Spangler, Robert

      Stageberg, Susie

      Stratton, Rose

      Swank, J.R.

      Tietz, Beverly

      Van Gorp, Scott.

      Van Lent, Joe

      Verbrugge, Adrian

      Wiggins, Shirley

      Wisecup, Nyla

      Witte, Jim

      Young, Jeff

      Written Histories

      Below are personal reflections and histories written and submitted by blind Iowans.

      Balik, Anthony (Tony)
      Bogwardt, Janice
      Harmon, Sandra
      Hibbs, Carolyn
      Higley, Rosemary
      Homer, Delores
      Lynch (Realino), Mary
      McGee, Mary
      Nederhiser, Terri
      Reisinger, Dolores
      Simmons, Robert.
      Sorden, Dorothy
      Tietz, Bev
      Wilmeth, Mary