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Reading and Writing Aids

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

       A host of mechanical devices have been developed to give blind and visually impaired persons access to print or visual information. The examples below show how these mechanical devices have advanced to allow for faster and independent access to information.

      Audio Players

      Talking Book Machine


      Model C74

      Current Model Cassette Machine

      Combination Machine

      Just as the cassette players replaced the long playing records, digital talking book players are rapidly replacing the cassette player.

      Braille Writers

      Kuwait Braille Writer

      Improved Stainsby Braille Writer

      Braille Writing Frame

      Perkins Braillewriter

      The Perkins Brailler

      Lavender Braille Writer

      Banks Pocket Writer

      The "Perky" Cranmer Modified Perkins Brailler

      Matrix Model G

      Blista Braillewriter

      New Hall Braille Writer

      Midget Writer - Braille and Point

      Hall Braille Writer

      Anderson and Sorensen Writer

      Foundation Writer

      Stainsby-Wayne Braille-Writer

      Deaf-Blind Communication Tool


      Print Reader


      Tactile Scales and Rulers

      Large Print Braille Ruler - That All May Read

      Buddy Scale - Postal Rate


      1940 Royal Manual Print Typewriter

      IBM Model Braille Electric Typewriter