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Slate and Stylus

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      Numerous types of slate and styli have been developed by blind persons around the world to accomodate their language or needs. Although each slate is used to write Braille, some have a unique look and feel. Slates have been made out of aluminum, brass, plastic, and wood. The sizes of slates can vary greatly. Many slates are small enough to fit in a pocket; some are the size of a standard 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper. Specialty slates have also been developed for use with index cards and playing cards.

      Choose a link below for a description and photos of slates and styli included in the Iowa Department for the Blind's collection. (Most of the items in the Department's collection of slates and styli were donated by Mary Peckham. You can hear a recording of Ms. Peckham describing these items. A text transcript is available.)

      Monogramed Pocket Slate

      German Slate

      German Pocket Slate

      English Pocket Slate

      The Brown Slate

      Direct Braille Slate System

      Specialty Slates

      E-Z Read Pocket Slate

      Interline Pocket Slate

      Austrian/Italian Slate

      Japanese Design

      American Braille Press

      School Slate (German)

      Upward Writing Slate

      Alphabetical Representation of Braille

      English Interline Pocket Slate

      English Braille Pocket Slate

      French Interpoint Slate

      Stylus Styles

      Plastic Postcard Slate and Plastic Saddle Slate

      The Interlining Desk Slate

      Desk Slate

      Taylor Slate