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      Iowa Department for the Blind has several texts produced in alternative media designed for the blind. Prior to the adoption of Braille as the standard tactile system for reading and writing, a number of methods were used to make print accessible to blind persons, such as embossed type, Moon type, and New York Point. The Department's collection has a sampling of embossed type, New York Point, raised line illustrations, and Braille documents.

      A Volume of Scripture Passages.

      A Small Collection of Standard Hymns.

      The Holy Bible Vol. VI (Embossed Type aka Raised Print).

      Print Braille Books (also known as "twin vision.).

      American Geography text in New York Point.

      New York Point Alphabet & Numbering Example

      Raised Line Illustrations

      Joan's Bulletin Board

      Additional materials, including more examples of New York Print materials, are available in the Iowa Blind History archives.

      Learn more about the adoption of Braille as the uniform system of reading and writing in the United States here: and