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Center Technology Instructor

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      Iowa Department for the Blind


      POSTING DATE:                                                                  April 17, 2017

      JOB TITLE:                                                                          Center Technology Instructor
      LOCATION:                                                                          Des Moines, Iowa
      LOCATION ZIP CODE:                                                        50309
      PART TIME/FULL TIME STATUS:                                       Full-Time Position
      SALARY MINIMUM:                                                             $51,438.40 Annually/$24.73 Hourly/$1978.40 Biweekly
      SALARY MAXIMUM:                                                            $79,768.00 Annually/$38.35 Hourly/$3068.00 Biweekly


      This is a courtesy posting for a non-merit position. Please follow instructions in the “To Apply” section for directions on how to apply for this position.

      The Iowa Department for the Blind is seeking applicants to provide assistive technology training to students in the adult comprehensive adjustment to blindness training center. Instruct students on the use of computers with screen readers and refreshable braille. Teach the use of mobile devices, OCR software, braille embossers, and other non-visual technology. Participate fully in center activities and challenge students to grow and reach their fullest potential. The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position decisions.


      Teach the use of Windows, Mac OSX, Microsoft Office, Voiceover, JAWS, Window-Eyes, and other screen readers, printers, scanners, braille displays, OCR software and other common office applications and peripherals.
      Teach the non-visual use of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile technologies.
      Demonstrate and promote a positive attitude toward blindness amongst center students.
      Perform routine computer maintenance and troubleshoot common technical problems in the computer lab.
      Evaluate student progress and write progress reports.
      Participate fully in all center activities.
      Competencies Required

      Knowledge of Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013, Windows 7, JAWS, Voiceover on the iPhone and iPad.
      Knowledge of or ability to learn Window-Eyes, Voiceover for the Mac, Talk Back for Android, Dolphin Guide and other screen reading software.
      Ability to create assignments and develop assistive technology curriculum.
      Ability to teach oneself new technologies and learn new skills.
      Interest in seeking out and participating in continuing education opportunities. T
      horough knowledge of and ability to develop alternative techniques of blindness, particularly in the areas of non-visual assistive technology and to maintain knowledge of past and current related practices and techniques.
      Ability to read contracted Braille.
      Ability to write braille with a Braille writer and slate and stylus.
      Excellent judgment, particularly in dealing with difficult and complex situations.
      Ability to handle stress. Ability to handle multiple tasks at once.
      Ability to explain complex technical information in a clear and concise manner to students with varying levels of technical knowledge and a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds.
      Ability to identify and solve problems both independently and in a group.
      Ability to work in a team.
      Ability to evaluate student progress and work with students to develop goals and objectives.
      Ability to diagnose and solve common technical problems.
      Good oral and written communication skills.
      Ability to engage in limited travel.
      Ability to demonstrate a positive attitude toward blindness.
      Ability to role model appropriate workplace behaviors and us of the alternative techniques of blindness.
      Thorough knowledge and understanding of the agency’s philosophy of blindness and the ability to implement this philosophy in work duties.
      Thorough knowledge of the ability to develop and implement alternative techniques of blindness in job duties.
      It is the policy of the Department for the Blind to conduct background checks on all finalist candidates prior to any offer of employment.

      Positions in this class are exempt from the screening and referral requirements of the Iowa Department of Administrative Services – Human Resources Enterprise. Persons who wish to be considered for this position must submit a resume and letter of application to: Iowa Department for the Blind, Alan Bickell, Orientation Center Director, 524 4th Street, Des Moines IA 50309–2364 or via email: