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      Let's Reach Out to All Citizens in Our Communities

      As members of an organization dedicated to serving Iowans and their communities, together we can open doors, help others achieve their goals and transform lives.

      The Iowa Department for the Blind is dedicated to serving the thousands of Iowans who are experiencing vision loss.  With proper training and opportunity, people who are blind or visually impaired can live independently and work productively along with their sighted peers.  In fact, thousands of blind Iowans maintain households, go to work every day, enjoy recreational activities, contribute to their communities and pay their taxes just like anyone else.

      The Department helps facilitate this independence through our many programs and services.

      So how does this relate to you?

      You are in a unique position to help in three ways:

      Let Us Share Our Stories with You

      If your orgranization would like someone from the Department to give a presentation to your group, please request a speaker.