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Driver Policy

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      approved 12/3/19

      Driving for Employees

      Drivers for IDB employees are contractors with that specific employee. This means that all arrangements and payment are handled by the employee. IDB will reimburse employees for for hourly driver time and private mileage at the rate set forth in the Driver Procedures outlined below.

      In order to drive for an IDB employee, a driver must submit his/her driver’s license to the accounting department for a state driving record check. If the driver does not pass the driving record check, information will be sent to the driver and the recommending staff person. If the driver passes the driving record check, he/she will be informed of this and the driver’s name will be added to the approved driver list.

      Driving time and mileage for purposes of payment begins and ends at the employee’s official domicile (the employee’s official work address) or DAS Fleet Services. Fleet Services is usually the start and end point when a State of Iowa vehicle is used. The employee domicile is the start and end point when a personal vehicle is used. For single-day trips, paid driver time includes all time between these points, regardless of employee lunch breaks. For overnight trips, driving time ends upon arrival at the hotel and begins upon leaving the hotel the next day.

      Driver meals are only reimbursed for overnight trips. For day trips, employees and drivers are encouraged to discuss plans for bringing or purchasing food to meet everyone’s preference. Overnight meal and lodging reimbursement is governed by the same State of Iowa policies for employee reimbursement.

      Driving for Clients

      Drivers for IDB clients are contracted by IDB. This means that arrangements and payment are handled by the department. Arrangements are generally made by the employee authorizing the client service.

      In order to drive for IDB clients, except in cases where the client has chosen to have a family member drive for him/her, drivers must first be approved to drive for IDB employees. At this time the driver must complete a W–9 and return it to the accounting department before driving for anyone. Drivers will first be utilized by employees to familiarize them with State of Iowa driving procedures, assess their interactions with blind persons, and provide any training required.
      Upon the recommendation of IDB employees of potential client drivers to the IDB Education and Training Director, drivers will be asked to complete a background check paid for by the department. Drivers will not be allowed to drive clients until they have passed the background check.

      Driver time and mileage begins either at the driver’s domicile, the IDB building, or Fleet Services as appropriate. For drivers living in the Des Moines metro area, which includes Polk, Dallas, Warren and Madison counties, their official domicile is the Iowa Department for the blind building at 524 4th St. For drivers not located in the Des Moines metro area, their official domicile is their home address.

      For drivers utilizing a State of Iowa Fleet services vehicle where their driving time begins prior to 6:30 AM Monday, prior to 7 AM Tuesday through Friday, or any time Saturday, Sunday and official State of Iowa holidays, drivers may charge up to one half hour to pick up the keys the previous working day. In these cases, keys should be picked up between 4 and 4:30 PM.

      While driving clients, drivers are not to stop for anything other than emergencies, fuel and restroom breaks unless prior arrangements have been made. Drivers should not stop for clients to purchase snacks and other food without prior approval by the arranging IDB employee.

      IDB employees write authorizations for client driving based on the mileage between the locations involved and the time anticipated to travel between those locations and pick up and drop off clients. Delays greater than fifteen minutes as a result of clients not being ready, traffic, hazardous road conditions or other issues must be reported to the authorizing employee or his/her designee as soon as possible.

      Upon completion of a driving trip, drivers are expected to submit an invoice to the IDB accounting department. Invoices must include the clients driven, times and miles covered. Invoices are expected to be received within one week of the provision of service. The invoice must include the driver’s original signature. IDB will make all efforts to process the invoice and provide payment within thirty days of receipt of invoice.