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Iowa Business Enterprises Program Vending Sites

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      Picture of a blind BEP operator restocking a vending machine

      Iowa BEP Offers Options

      Iowa Business Enterprises Program (BEP) vending, food service, and cafeteria sites are located in federal, state, county and city facilities which are primarily used as  public office buildings. They are also found along Iowa’s interstate highways and in private businesses. These diverse operations strive to meet the needs and desires of their customers through responsive interaction and market research.

      Roadside Vending

      Roadside vending operations in Iowa may be found at thirty-three rest area sites along I-29, I-35, I-80, and I-380. These oases of the road offer snacks and hot and cold beverages. Our energetic, responsive, and mutually-supportive blind managers work hard to keep these operations running smoothly and customers satisfied.

      Vending in Government and Private Facilities

      Image of a blind Iowa Business Enterprises Program operator restocking a vending machine

      BEP vending sites are located across the state of Iowa in Des Moines, Ames, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Waterloo, and Independence. These facilities may be in federal, state, county and city facilities which are primarily used as  public office buildings.. They are also increasingly found in private businesses. A full range of food and drink items are offered, including candy, snacks, cold and hot beverages, cold food, and ice cream. The type of machines at any one location is determined by responding to customer feedback and the site’s management.

      Cafeteria Operations

      Though less numerous than BEP's vending operations, snack bar cafeteria food service in Iowa facilities often prove to be the best way to serve the location’s customers. Cafeterias offer a wider range of products--sandwiches, cold and hot beverages, fresh fruit and vegetables, and more.

      Contact Information

      Contact information for Iowa BEP program and active operators.