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IDB Return To In Person Services Rules and Procedures

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      Last Updated 5/20/21

      The below guidance is designed to create a positive, healthy, and productive working environment. The work we do is critical to those we serve and we need to get our clients and patrons the training, materials, and guidance they need to be successful in employment and independent in their communities. We are instituting these ground rules for the benefit of all and following these rules demonstrates kindness and concern for your clients, patrons, and colleagues. 

      These rules and guidelines are being adjusted as situations change. 

      If you have questions regarding your specific work area or duties, please speak with your supervisor. If you need to request an accommodation that involves a need for alternatives to the below measures, please share this with your supervisor. 

      Operational Details

      • The main accessible entrance on the North side of our building will be unlocked from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during non-holiday workdays. Clients and patrons are encouraged to continue to conduct simple or routine business via phone and internet.
      • If clients are coming into the building for appointments, counselors and teachers need to be sure to let front desk staff know they will be coming, respond promptly to email and phone notices or be ready to greet and escort clients.
      • Clients waiting for counselors or teachers will be asked to wait in the waiting area.
      • We ask all non-vaccinated people to continue to wear a mask in our building or when receiving services from IDB staff. As this is not enforceable, it is a request and not a requirement.
      • All IDB staff, clients, and patrons are free to and will be supported in wearing a mask whenever they feel it is appropriate for their health and safety.
      • IDB staff and students may use the gym if they are willing to wipe down and sanitize equipment after use. 
      • Staff and students are expected to clean up after themselves wherever they eat lunch or snacks. Typical meal areas include one’s work area, 2 South, the vending room, on the rooftop deck, or in the basement break area. Cleaning solution will be available in 2 South, the vending area, and in the basement break room. Staff should bring supplies to clean their area after eating when choosing to eat lunch on the roof.
      • Use of meeting rooms needs to be scheduled in advance. 
      • Anyone eating, drinking, or snacking during a meeting should take care to make sure the area is clean and tidy for the next group using that space.
      • Staff will work with their supervisor to obtain and maintain a supply of disposable masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, cleaning wipes, and garbage bags needed to perform work duties as they do with al work supplies. 
      • While gloves are not required for general teaching, they may still be worn if preferred, and should be used when preparing or serving food for others and may be used in other circumstances.
      • Reminder: Effective 1/1/21, there are no special options for COVID leave available. Leave rules for COVID related leave are the same as other sick or family care leave.

      All IDB Staff & Individuals Living in the Building

      • Will continue to use phone or video conferencing to hold meetings whenever practical and beneficial. If a face-to-face meeting is held, please reserve a room that will allow for three feet of space between participants. 
      • To allow for personal space, will generally allow for three feet of distance between themselves and others.
      • Will minimize the opportunity for transmission of illness to others and take precautions such as staying home if they might be contagious or if illness impacts their ability to perform job functions. Specific situations should be discussed with one’s supervisor as they arise.
      • Will use good judgment to maintain social distancing in elevators. Some people may choose to ride an elevator alone and this should be understood and respected. Others may feel comfortable riding with others. Please feel encouraged to communicate regarding your boundaries and comfort level. 
      • Until the ramp construction begins, will not allow delivery persons to use the East door. 
      • Will not allow delivery people to go beyond the front desk area of the building.

      Optional Behaviors

      If you are able to do so and time permits, please take a minute to wipe down door knobs, elevator buttons, meeting room tables, and other frequently touched surfaces with provided wipes. This will help maintenance staff and everyone working and living in the building.