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Apply for Library Service

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      To apply for library service, use the link below. The form is a portable document format (PDF).  The Adobe Acrobat Reader, version five or higher that is provided by Adobe Systems, Inc.  can be used to open the application form. 

      Library Application Form

      The application form will need to be printed using the Acrobat's print option and filled out using pen.  Once completed, the form must be signed by a certifying authority* and mailed to the Library using the following address:

      Iowa Department for the Blind, Library
      Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
      524 Fourth Street
      Des Moines, IA 50309.

      *Note: The following may certify in cases of BLINDNESS, VISUAL DISABILITY and PHYSICAL DISABILITY:  doctors of medicine (M.D.); doctors of osteopathy (D.O.); ophthalmologists; optometrists; registered nurses; therapists; nurse practitioners; physician assistants; professional staff of hospitals, institutions and public welfare  agencies (e.g., social workers, case workers, counselors, rehabilitation teachers and superintendents).  In the absence of any of these, certification may be made by professional librarians or by any person whose competence under specific circumstances is acceptable to the Iowa Department for the Blind and the Library of Congress. 

      Only the following may certify and provide a signature in the case of READING DISABILITY: doctors of medicine (M.D.) and doctors of osteopathy (D.O.) who may consult with colleagues in associated disciplines.

      To request an application form

      Contact the Library at 515-281-1323 or in Iowa 800-362-2587, option 3.  You can also email: