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Pathfinders Transition Mentoring Program

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      The Pathfinders Transition Mentoring Program was a highly successful five-year model project carried out by the Iowa Department for the Blind. Beginning in 2003, the program matched blind and visually impaired Iowans ages 16 to 26 with successful blind adults who served as their mentors and role models. The program also used workshops and group activities to bolster the mentoring relationship.

      The goal of this program was to help young adults achieve increased confidence and self-esteem, academic success, quality employment and full community and social integration by matching them with confident and successful blind mentors. Young adults built a positive one-on-one relationship with their mentors and were also able to network with many other successful blind adults. The program demonstrated that, through these powerful relationships, participants gained the support and skills essential for their future success.

      The Pathfinders mentoring program ended in 2008.  If you would like more information about this grant project, refer to one of the following links or contact:

      Keri Osterhaus
      (515) 282-5746

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