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Announcing Monthly DIrector's Forum Meetings

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      In order to increase transparency and improve communications, Iowa Department for the Blind Director Emily Wharton will be hosting a regular discussion on the third Monday evening of every month. The second of these meetings will be held Monday, July 17, from 5:15 to 6:15 pm in the Director’s Conference Room at the IDB building. There will be a conference line for those unable to attend in person. The Call in number is 1–866–685–1580 and the conference code is 5152811299.

      “I really appreciate how much Iowans care about IDB and the services we provide. We have a lot going on in all our programs and consumers have a lot of good questions for me every time I attend a consumer group or advisory council meeting,” Wharton said. “I think this will be a great way to answer questions and get information out to consumers.”

      Another piece of IDB’s plan to improve communication with consumers was also rolled out this week. Wharton and the management team are am mending the employee manual to include a requirement that all direct service staff and supervisors attend a meeting of each consumer group as well as at least one area support group each year. “We want to make sure that our staff get to know and are known by consumers. We want to make sure that we are all listening, learning, and expanding our networks. This is an important part of our continuing education efforts,” Wharton explained.

      While the concept will be piloted in Des Moines for the time being, Wharton would like to hold the forums in other parts of the state if there is public interest and support.