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Building Naming Task Force

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      The Iowa Commission for the Blind has established a task force to explore the establishment of an official name for the Iowa Department for the Blind building located at 524 4th St. in Des Moines. An initial meeting will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, April 21, at 12:30 p.m. Anyone wishing to serve on the task force who is unable to attend this first meeting should contact Board Secretary, Janice Eggers by April 15th to ensure that their contact information is shared with the task force.

      This task force will undertake the following tasks:

      • Compile suggestions of building names
      • Gather feedback from all stakeholders regarding names being considered
      • Propose a name to the Iowa Commission for the Blind for approval
      • Determine the process needed to change the name on all historic registries and with the State of Iowa
      • Complete all paperwork necessary and attend whatever meetings are necessary to complete these registrations of the name
      • Raise funds for any fees associated with updating name registries and make the necessary payments
      • Obtain designs for any plaques or signage that will be installed
      • Obtain approval from the Iowa Commission for the Blind to install any plaques or signage
      • Raise funds for the purchase of any signs or plaques that will be installed

      Process for Creating the Task Force

      at the first meeting, the volunteers will:

      • Elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Note taker
      • Set time and place for next meeting
      • Handle any additional logistical concerns

      This will be a completely volunteer driven and lead task force. IDB will provide Zoom hosting if requested, but all other support will be provided by volunteers. After the initial meeting, the Board Secretary will have no further logistical or organizational responsibility for this task force. IDB staff wishing to participate must use lunch or approved flex/vacation time to attend.

      Roles and Responsibilities


      • Sets meeting agenda
      • Runs meetings

      Vice Chair:

      • Runs meeting in absence of Chair
      • Becomes chair if chair is no longer able to serve

      Note Taker:
      * Takes notes
      * Emails notes to all task force members

      To receive Zoom meeting information please email or call (515) 380–1944