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IDB Staff Aren't Afraid of a Little Mud

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      picture of Mud Runners finishing last obstacle Arm in Arm

      While most days IDB staff work together to conquer negative misconceptions about blindness, one Saturday in June, they decided to work together to conquer different sorts of obstacles. Team members crawled under ropes, trudged through waste high puddles, climbed miniature mud mountains, and slapped away countless mosquitos. They pulled each other up sheer slippery slopes and rescued one another from shoe-eating sink holes. They earned a T-shirt and a survivors medal, but more than that, they had a great time and showed the other participants and spectators that blindness doesn’t stop people from participating in the community.

      Several people said things to us like ‘I couldn’t do this if I couldn’t see’ or “You’re amazing!’ but we just pointed out that it wasn’t really a big deal. We were just slogging through it like everyone else” Wharton said.

      "Our canes were actually a bit of an advantage.“ Stevens pointed out. ”They helped with balance in the really slippery parts."

      Most of the Mud Runners plan to go again next year and they are threatening to drag more colleagues along with them.

      picture of Nami, Sam, & Helen during the run