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Iowa Commission for the Blind Special Meeting

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      On Monday, June 29th, the Iowa Commission for the Blind will meet at 12:00 pm. via Zoom and ICN conference line.
      Click here for the agenda which contains call in information. In addition to considering Gifts and Bequests application(s) from individuals in closed session, the Commission will consider the below request from the Iowa Department for the Blind in open session.

      In January, Governor Reynolds included a total increase of our state appropriation of $231,202 in her budget proposal. This included $64,865 for salaries and $166,337 to support our new young adult (4+) program. In February, we gave a joint presentation with IESBVI to the Education Appropriation Subcommittee regarding the need for our 4+ program which was well-received. In March, the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic dramatically altered the economy, government operations, and so many aspects of daily life. This catastrophic event forced the legislature to take a very cautious approach to the 2021 state budget. As a result, the majority of agencies, including IDB, received level funding.

      Because of these unprecedented and unforeseeable events, IDB is asking for a grant from the Gifts & Bequests fund in the amount of $231,202. This is the increase recommended by the Governor in her original budget. This additional funding will allow us to better maintain current staffing levels in the face of rising personnel costs. Because the Independent Living Program depends so heavily on state dollars, it is the most vulnerable when we are flat funded or de-appropriated. We feel that cuts to these services would be devastating to those we serve. We also need to fund our young adult (4+) program through its first year of operation. There are young adults in need of this program currently we very much need to serve. This is a one-time request and IDB will seek additional appropriation in SFY22 to cover all of these costs moving forward.