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Orientation Center Potential Name Change Listening Session

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      During business class on January 13th, Center Director Al Bickell, Commissioner Sandi Ryan, and Director Emily Wharton talked with students and staff to get ideas for a possible name change for the center. We all call it the center or some folks who have been around longer call it the "OC." But, when we are writing up a flyer or presentation, the Adult Orientation & Adjustment Center doesn't give potential students, families, educators, or legislators much of an idea about what the center does or why it is so vital. Director Wharton discussed this with the ICUB and NFBI presidents at their monthly call and she brought the discussion to Director's Forum in January and February. Some of the keywords that people liked thus far have included: blindness, individualized, discovery, independence, learning, training, rehabilitation, and comprehensive.

      on Wednesday, March 24, , we held our first evening Zoom public brainstorming session We will be holding another on April 7, 2021. If you are unable to attend this listening session or Director’s Forum, please send any ideas or thoughts you have to

      To receive Zoom meeting information please email or call (515) 380–1944