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Self-Week March 2023

Primary Tasks

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      From: Ross Pollpeter – Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher

      Eight clients from across Iowa, literally from river to river, came to Des Moines for honestly their introduction to braille, cane travel, home management, and/or assistive technology. Most clients have been working with a VR Teacher but have yet only focused on one skill area. Only one client had returned for her second Self Week, and that student had specific goals they wanted to tackle, specifically doing cane travel during a snow storm. So, fortunately for her, Iowa weather provided that opportunity. One of the greatest things that this particular group gained during the week was developing a network of blind people to socialize and bond with. The energy and camaraderie was palpable. SELF Week can be exhausting for both clients and staff, but the end results are worth the effort. Most clients would say they go home worn out but gained so much in exchange. For activities, clients enjoyed dinner out in downtown Des Moines, an evening with Center clients, and one night of bowling at Merle Hay Mall.