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Vocational Rehabilitation Stats & Success Story

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      This past quarter, our Vocational Rehabilitation Program partnered with 10 clients to successfully achieve their career goals. These 10 clients are working an average of 39 hours per week and earning an average of $22.19 per hour. While having only ten clients exit our employment program in a quarter is less than what we would expect in a typical quarter, these are not typical times. Most importantly, these statistics show our dedication to not only assist individuals in obtaining employment that aligns with their skills and interests, but also our focus on the importance of sustainable employment and financial security, which is always essential, but is crucial now more than ever. Our Business Engagement Specialist, Ashely West, has worked with our VR Counselors to gather success stories that highlight what we do as an agency and the services we provide that assist individuals to reach their career goals. Here is one of those stories:

      Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Rachel Miller, partnered with her client M.S. to successfully achieve her career goal. The client worked with her counselor to develop her plan and made her plan work for her. M.S. began by taking a position as a Board secretary while working to complete her degree in Public Administration. IDB provided tuition assistance. IDB also provided the client with technology services; Rachel, M.S., and the Rehabilitation Technology Specialist, Joe Goode, worked together to determine what technology would work best for her in employment, as the client gained additional hours and responsibilities within her organization. IDB provided M.S. with a Focus 40 Braille Display. She uses a braille display to take notes during meetings and advocates to her employer and coworkers to ensure things are in electronic format. M.S. obtained cane travel training to navigate independently and arranges her own transportation. These are all skills that M.S. gained through working with IDB.

      While M.S. started as the Board secretary, assisting with coordination of Board meetings. As a merger of boards became imminent, M.S. took initiative and figured out how to facilitate this merger. M.S. went from putting in 10 hours per week as a secretary to applying for and getting hired as the Executive Director within 4 years. She now earns $90,000 annually, in addition to working part-time as an Adjunct Professor for a university, earning an additional $12,600 a year. Rachel stated, "M.S. was always the one to drive her plan and never relied on me to tell her how or what to do. M.S. is driven and ambitious and asks for what she needs and wants." IDB was there to provide the training and support and M.S. provided the direction and drive to make her dreams reality.