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      Turning the Pages

      News and topics from the Library

      The Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped  blog serves as a lively a way to share information, talk about books, and library events.  Link to Turning the Pages.


      Cane Tracks

      Life in the Iowa Department for the Blind's Orientation Center

      Meet students in the IDB Orientation Center and go on a journey with them as they learn to adapt to their vision loss. Each student brings a new perspective and new challenges and accomplishments to follow as they go through the center's six daily classes. Check it out at!


      Technology for the Blind\

      On gadgets, gizmos and access technology for the blind & visually impaired

      Tech-savvy staff members for the Iowa Department for the Blind discuss accessible devices, computer software, policies and issues on this popular subject.  This blog is maintained to share ideas and information about the world of accessible technology for the blind and low vision. Check it out at!

      Blind Living

      Lifestyle & leisure of the blind and visually impaired

      This blog is written by staff members of the Iowa Department for the Blind who are passionate about their leisure activities and hobbies. In this blog, the reader will get a sense of not only the different ways the blind enthusiast participates in these activities, but that one’s passion and innovation goes beyond vision. Visit the blog at: