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Prescreened and Qualified Applicants

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      Picture of an employee with a visual impairment using a magnification device to successfully read a form and do her job

      We know employers sometimes have difficulty attracting qualified applicants. We also know employers value a diverse workforce. The Department can assist you on both of these fronts.

      We will:

      • screen the Department's pool of blind job seekers and refer only qualified candidates for open positions
      • on a longer-term basis, as part of vocational planning with clients, train individuals to qualify for anticipated job openings

      We often consult with businesses about their high-demand employment needs. In turn, we educate our clients about emerging employment trends, which helps them when they are making career-planning choices.

      The Department has highly trained vocational rehabilitation counselors with expertise in matching a person’s skills and abilities with an employer’s needs. We seek productive partnerships with Iowa’s employers to train and place only qualified applicants. The Department also provides assistance to currently employed people who may be experiencing vision loss.

      Ongoing Resource

      We provide follow-up for a minimum of three months, consulting and helping to solve any problems that might occur. Such assistance has no time limit and is available on an on-call basis.