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      Welcome to the inaugural issue of The White Cane, the quarterly magazine of the Iowa Department for the Blind.

      We are excited to be launching this publication to better inform our readers about our breadth of services we offer blind and visually impaired Iowans. This publication replaces several newsletters the department has issued over the years.
      We are out every day working to help empower those with significant vision loss to live productive and full lives.
      There have been many changes at the department, including our new website and logo and our redesigned building. We have also welcomed new staff members to help expand our reach throughout Iowa.
      We hope you enjoy this first issue and continue to support the IDB’s efforts.
      — Shoshana Hebshi
      Letters & comments can be e-mailed to:
      Editor: Shoshana Hebshi. Contributing Editors: Julie Aufdenkamp, Tai Blas, Curtis Chong, Roger Erpelding, Betty Hansen, Beth Hirst, Tracey Morsek, Gail Stricker, Rebecca Swainey and Barb Weigel.
      The White Cane is published quarterly. Address or subscription changes can be sent to