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Student Textbook Educational Materials List of Formats

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      IMC Format Descriptions

      • Braille - Hard-copy Braille. You may choose from the following formats: contracted or uncontracted; interpoint or single-sided; single-spaced or double-spaced.  
      • Large Print - Hard-copy large print. The standard size is 18 point. Some materials may be 14 point or larger than 18.  Provided for K-12 students only. 
      • Digital Audio - NLS and locally recorded materials, available on flash memory cartridge for use in the NLS digital talking book machine (DTBM). NLS books may also be downloaded through the BARD website. Requires user ID and password available upon registration with BARD. Downloads can be played on NLS DTBM or third-party hardware or software with NLS key, such as the Victor Reader Stream. Human voice recordings, can be navigated, depending upon the level of markup. Daisy/NISO format.
      • Learning Ally Audio - Human voice recorded materials available for download or on CD. Downloadable formats include WMA or Daisy format from the Learning Ally site. Downloadable WMA format can be played on a Microsoft based computer using Windows Media Player version 10 or higher or can be synched to some commercial MP3 players with DRM capabilities.  Daisy format offers enhanced navigation and bookmarking and is navigable often down to the page level. Daisy downloads can be played from Microsoft Windows compatible computer with Learning Ally enabled software or specialized Daisy players such as the NLS digital talking book machine (DTBM). Compatible with Apple devices. CDs offer enhanced navigation and play on Learning Ally enabled specialized Daisy Players such as the Victor Vibe or Victor Wave.   

      Electronic Text Format Descriptions

      • Braille-Ready Format (BRF) - ASCII text in textbook format; prepared for immediate embossing; readable with refreshable Braille display or Braille-enabled synthetic speech device. Capable of rendering full formatting information as well as complete math, science, music, and foreign language notations.
      • Text-based Daisy Format - Composed of a specific file set that opens with Object Package File (extension OPF). Requires hardware or software Daisy reader. Provides full access to literary text as well as easy navigation. *Only an option if NIMAS or Bookshare files are available.
      • ePub Format - an electronic book format that allows eBooks to be read on a wide variety of eReaders. Requires hardware or software ePub reader. Only an option if NIMAS or Bookshare files are available.
      • Kurzweil 3000 (KESI) Format - Proprietary KESI file format, primarily for reading disabled students who need the scaffolding and learning supports provided by the Kurzweil 3000 software suite. Created by scanning, editing, and zoning printed text. Provides exact page layout in color or b/w.