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Using the Telephone

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      Strategies for Using the Telephone

      • Mark and memorize
        Put a raised dot on the 5 key of the phone pad to help you keep your place. Using the 5 key as a reference point, memorize the key pad and dial by touch. The secret is to keep three fingers on the phone pad at all times and to use the 4-5-6 row as your reference point. With a little practice, you will be able to dial the phone quickly and easily, even away from home.
      • Use large button telephones
        Buy a phone with large numbers and buttons. Several models are available at local discount and electronics stores.
      • Program the numbers
        Buy a phone with programmable numbers. Program in the numbers you use most often, or ask someone to do it for you.

      Strategies for Looking Up Phone Numbers

      • Free Directory Assistance
        If you can't read the phone book, you are eligible for free directory assistance through your local phone company. Call your phone company to ask for details. Once you have signed up for free directory assistance, you can use it to get phone numbers. Dial 1-4-1-1 or the area code plus 555-1212, and an operator will look up your numbers for you.  Caution! If you haven't signed up for free directory assistance, these calls will cost you up to $1 each. To avoid any charges, you must also make these calls from your home phone.
      • Audio Phone Book
        Using a tape recorder, MP3 player, or some other device with recording capabilities, record all of your most frequently used phone numbers and use the device to playback the number when you need to look it up.
      • Large Print Phone Book
        Create your own large print phone book. This could be a simple notebook in which you write names and numbers or you could create a list in a word processing program on the computer and use a large-type font.
      • Use the Web
        If you have a computer that has access to the internet and you are able to read or access information on the screen, go to any of the phone directory websites to look up a phone number. Options are:,, and

      Did you know  . . .

      Qwest offers Braille billing, billing in large print format, billing on audio tape and billing via e-mail upon request. If interested, contact:

      Qwest's Center for Customers with Disabilities
      P.O. Box 2670
      Omaha, NE 68103

      Voice and Text Telephone (TTY) Calls
      1 800-223-3131

      Directory Assistance Exemption
      Qwest customers with disabilities may be eligible for an exemption from directory assistance and operator services handling charges.