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Transcribing Textbooks

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      The library’s production unit will transcribe books that are not otherwise available in alternative media.

      • Obtain a copy of the book.
      • Buy a used copy at your school's bookstore (if not badly marked up or damaged).
      • If the bookstore does not have your book yet, ask them to special order it immediately.
      • Send your book to the IMC right away.
      • Include any instructions or timetables for completion that you have available. If you send a course syllabus with your book, the IMC will know exactly when you need individual chapters and can plan accordingly.
      • You will be sent installments of the book as soon as they are ready. Books that are completed before a class begins will be sent in one shipment.

      Transcriptions are assigned on a first come, first served basis, so you will want to get your requests in as early as possible.

      • Your books will be recorded or Brailled by volunteers.
      • The majority of textbooks for college students are recorded.
      • If you need your book in Braille, please allow additional time to complete the process.
      • Usually a book that is locally transcribed will have glossaries and introductory material read at the beginning of the recording.