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Elizabeth Perowsky, Extraordinary Volunteer

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      Images of Elizabeth PerowskyFor more than 60 years, Elizabeth Perowsky of Des Moines was a volunteer Braille transcriber. She taught herself to Braille and was certified in literary, Nemeth, and music Braille by the Library of Congress.

      Elizabeth's efforts in Braille included transcribing:

      • the complete Old and New Testaments
      • musical compositions
      • French textbooks
      • mathematics projects
      • hundreds of publications of every kind

      Elizabeth was the group leader and main teacher for the Temple Sisterhood Braille Group. She also conducted Braille workshops throughout the country, teaching others how to Braille.

      Near the end of her life, Elizabeth’s hands were so disabled by arthritis that she would tell her assistant which keys to press on the computer keyboard to form the Braille letters. This allowed her to continue Brailling when she could no longer type.

      Elizabeth was still Brailling within a few weeks of her death at the age of 97 in May, 1996.

      In honor of Elizabeth, the text on the Elizabeth Perowsky Memorial Volunteer Award states: 
      "For extraordinary spirit and inexhaustible dedication in volunteer service to those who are blind".