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Audio Editor

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      Picture of an audio editor working on the computer

      An audio editor is responsible for the technical aspects of the digital processing of audio books. This volunteer position operates computer editing equipment to process recorded audio files in preparation for duplication and distribution.

      Specific tasks

      • Using equalization (EQ), compression and other audio editing tools
      • Adding markup coding for navigation within the audio book
      • Digital format conversion and distribution
      • Assisting with quality control of narration and recording technique

      Required Skills

      • Excellent verbal communication and vocabulary skills
      • Good listening skills, good hearing
      • Patience, understanding, and flexibility
      • Team player
      • Extreme attention to detail
      • Good manual dexterity
      • Aptitude for working with computers
      • Aptitude for electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems and equipment, especially audio-related

      Beneficial Background or Related Experience

      • Computer and audio/electronic experience
      • Work that required extreme patience and interpersonal diplomacy
      • Work that required close attention to detail

      Processing Requirements

      • Recognizing and correcting narration or formatting errors
      • Coaxing the best possible results from the existing recording
      • An attentive mind and ear, even if the material being read is boring
      • An open mind regarding the variety of books selected for recording (at times subject matter may be offensive to personal tastes and beliefs)

      Processing is very demanding and can be tedious and repetitive.

      Training May Be Required

      If a person has a technical aptitude, but does not have audio-related experience, the technical responsibilities can be taught. The other listed skills are sometimes hard to find in a person who is gifted with technical abilities.

      Processing Sessions

      • Flexible scheduling
      • Edit station open 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday 

      For more information, contact:

      Tim West
      800-362-2587 (toll-free)