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Home Narrator

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      Do you like to read books and talk out loud? The Home Narrator records their own voice (using equipment provided by us) to make "digital talking books" for our Library.

      You can work at home, on your own schedule. Most of the time the deadline to complete a book is very relaxed, but occasionally a book will need to be "transcribed" fairly quickly - especially for students or job related material.

      An audition is required:
      • Audition materials will be provided
      • Submit recording on tape, CD, or by e-mail, or
      • You may audition in our studio
      • Evaluation is based on voice quality, speech habits, accuracy, interpretation, and the ability to follow formatting instructions and recognize reading errors
      You must:
      • Be 18 or older.
      • Possess a good vocabulary
      • Have a quiet space in your home where your equipment can be set up and kept safe
      • Be prepared to meet deadlines
      • Accept varied assignments and constructive advice
      • Commit to completing at least one assignment
      • Enjoy working independently
      • Be attentive to detail
      • Be responsible and dependable
       We provide:
      • All equipment and supplies, including a digital recording system
      • Extensive training and technical support
      • Narration assignments with detailed instructions
      • Annual workshop/training event and recognition luncheon
      • Opportunity to expand your own reading interests

      You will get great satisfaction out of knowing your narrative skills bring pleasure, joy and sometimes critical information to those who cannot read print!

      For information, contact Tim West: 515-281-1360 or 800-362-2587