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The Volunter Pin

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      A bronze volunteer pin glows in the late afternoon sun.This small bronze medallion is given by the Iowa Department for the Blind to volunteers. It recognizes the completion of the first book by a Braillist, Narrator, or in data entry, or forty hours of other service. The pin was originally designed to symbolize the skills of the Braillist and Narrator with the two rings of an open reel encircling the outline of the State of Iowa, and six dots of a full Braille cell on each side of the state outline.

      The pin has become symbolic of all volunteer service to the Department for the Blind. It celebrates the generosity of the volunteer and an on-going relationship with the Department.

      2015 Volunteer Pin Recipients

      Braille Proofreaders: Susie Stageberg, Frank Rabon
      Narrators: Charles Kabala

      2014 Volunteer Pin Recipients

      Braillists: Betty Urbanek
      Narrators: Catherine Van Maanen
      Library General Assistance: David Parks

      2013 Volunteer Pin Recipients

      Narrators: Kay Anderson, Tom Hudson, Penny Murphy, Mary Tighe, Teresa Wright, Bill Mech, Jamie Nagel, David Newman, Marie Quanbeck
      Data Entry: Kim Comerford, Asha Sreejith

      2012 Volunteer Pin Recipients

      Braillists: Rae Tyler
      Data Entry: Jenell Anderson, Sarah Perkins
      Machine Repair: Karen Formaro

      2011 Volunteer Pin Recipients

      Braillists: Marjorie Holt   
      Data Entry: Cheryl Decker, Connie Dowling, Jeana Shelley 
      Proofreading: Mary Clarke, Sandra Ryan  
      Library General Assistance: Jessica Gridley, Doug Cole, Dawna Ray, Darlene Greenfield, Lisa Davis  

      2010 Volunteer Pin Recipients

      Braillists: Susan Grosch, Charles Newcomer
      Narrators: Rick Stageman, Sue Pogge, Mark Tauscheck, Judy Wenz, Judy Fausch                                                              
      Data Entry: Sharla Wiegand, Cindy Chuah, Ashlee Hulbert, Sonya Householder, Bette Wiebke
      Audio Proofreading: Meredith Drummond
      Library General Assistance: Matt Ver Huel, Chevest Bennett, Linda Wiles, Jim Wiles

      2009 Volunteer Pin Recipients

      Narrators: Carol Bodensteiner, Donna Davis, Mary Doidge, Sara Kelley, Deb Nicklay, Rod Philp, Mary Richards, Pat Selburg-Smith, Trish Strah
      Data Entry: Janne Hunsaker, Amanda Otten
      Machine Repair: Jan Bartelt