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      Elected Committee of Blind Managers Meeting

      Iowa Department for the Blind, 524 4th Street, Des Moines, Iowa, Director’s Conference Room

      1. 3:00 Call to Order
      2. 3:05 Approval of the September 12, 2017 Meeting Minutes
      3. 3:10 Director's Report
      4. 3:20 Inventories/Sub-committee Update
      5. 3:30 Statewide Meeting
      6. 3:40 Roadside Update
      7. 3:50 Set Aside Update
      8. 4:00 Other
      9. 4:10 In consideration of holding a closed session to review or
      discuss records which are required or authorized by state
      or federal law to be kept confidential as a condition for
      that governmental body's possession or continue receipt of
      Federal fund.
      10. 4:30 Committee Recommendations
      11. 4:35 Time and Place of Next Meeting
      12. 4:40 Adjourn

      Celebrate Library Card Sign-Up Month

      “The only thing more powerful than a Teen Titan?  A library card!”

      Celebrate Library Card Sign-up Month

      Transform your school year with a library card – September is Library Card Sign-up Month
      The value of today’s libraries goes beyond books. Librarians are leaders in their communities – helping people of any age to find what they need to help improve their quality of life. This September, the Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is joining with the American Library Association and libraries nationwide for Library Card Sign-up Month, an initiative to make sure that every student has the most important school supply of all – a free library card.

      Libraries build a foundation for children’s future success starting from the earliest stages of development. Librarians play a key role in helping children develop the basic tools for school readiness by teaching families the components of early literacy. Older students can also find tools for success at their local libraries, where they can access digital tools, as well as working with trained professionals on how best to use these resources.

      As new technologies evolve, libraries continue to lead the way in providing equity of access to digital tools and media. Close to 90 percent of libraries offer digital literacy training to help students of all ages navigate today’s changing world; many also offer high-tech innovations, like 3D printers, providing hands-on opportunities for creative exploration.

      Resources at the Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped are available to anyone with a library card. Students can turn to the library for school materials, leisure reading materials, programs and knowledgeable library staff that support academic achievement. Check out our amazing audio and braille collections for great reads or help with homework. Students, Kindergarten through 12th grade, can join the “Books for Kids” program and have the books you want (in any format) delivered to you when you want. Parents and our young patrons can join our “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten” program and get a head start on reading and early literacy.

      Our library provides access and programs for all ages. There’s really something for everyone, and it’s all free with a library card.

      For more information about how to sign up for a library card, visit the Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in person or online at

      Iowa Commission for the Blind Meeting

      Iowa Department for the Blind, 524 4th Street, Des Moines, Iowa, Director’s Conference Room

      The supplemental meeting of the Iowa Commission for the Blind previously scheduled for Wednesday, August 30, 2017 has been cancelled. The next meeting of the Commission will be September 19, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at 524 4th St., Des Moines.