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What's in the Can?

Primary Tasks

    Secondary Tasks

      Strategies for Keeping Track of Items in Your Home

      Label canned goods, cleaning supplies, medicines, jars, bottles, packages, and spices with any of the labeling schemes outlined here.

      • Buy items in distinctive containers--barbecue sauce in a different shaped bottle from catsup.
      • Make magnetic Braille labels for cans and other metal containers. Use magnetic Dymo-tape, or stick adhesive Dymo-tape onto flexible magnetic strips. Store them on the side of the refrigerator when not in use.
      • Make Braille or large print labels on three-by-five-inch note cards. Use a rubber band to attach the label to a can, jar, package, or box.
      • For small glass or plastic bottles and vials, Braille an adhesive Dymo-tape label and place it on the side or lid
      • Use rubber bands, scotch tape, colored dots or Hi-mark to create your own distinctive labeling scheme. Items such as Dymo-tape and Hi-mark are available from the Department's Aids and Devices Store.