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About IDB

Mission Statement

Empower blind Iowans to be gainfully employed and live independently.

Vision Statement

To be the world’s leader in blind rehabilitation services.

Value Statements

We value blind Iowans therefore:

  • We believe in each individual’s ability to be independent
  • We act with a sense of urgency and responsiveness in serving every individual
  • We support each individual’s right to informed choices
  • We value engagement and independence for individuals of all ages
  • We promote a positive attitude toward blindness
  • We expect blind persons to achieve their full potential
  • We provide opportunities for blind persons to be fully contributing members of their communities

All staff are valued and expected to demonstrate:

  • Passion for what we do everyday
  • Commitment to make positive differences in the lives of blind Iowans
  • Respect for the contributions of each staff member
  • Ethical behavior, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness
  • Innovative and proactive approaches in serving each client
  • Progressive and professional leadership
  • Collaboration and teamwork that benefits each individual we serve
  • Collaboration with community, local, state and federal partners

Our Culture

We use a client-centric approach to empower clients to achieve successful outcomes.