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Updated: 3/23
first adopted: 6/20


The following items are considered IDB policies and require Commission Board approval of any non-clerical updates or changes:


  • Gifts & Bequests Guidelines
  • Business Engagement Policy (last updated and approved 12/19)
  • Hiring and Affirmative Action Policy
  • Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
  • Purchasing & Procurement Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Staff Training & Continuing Education Policy


The Iowa Commission for the Blind will conduct a review of the IDB Manual and each program or division procedure manual every 2 years using the below schedule. Changes may be made to these manuals as approved by the Director between these reviews in order to comply with state and federal regulation changes and/or U.S. Department of Education and State of Iowa accounting, procurement, time tracking, or other procedures with which IDB must comply.


Copies of or links to these items will be included in the Board packet and the review will be listed as an action item on the quarterly meeting agenda.


Item Review Date

WIOA State Plan Even year Q1

VR Program Manual Odd year Q2

IL Program Manual Odd year Q3

Training Center Even year Q2

YATP Manual Even year Q 3

Information Access Services Division Even year Q4

IDB Program Manual Odd year Q4

Financial Odd year Q1

The below items can be altered as authorized by the Director without obtaining Commission approval. These items pertain to the daily operations, personnel, and management of the agency:


  • Work Rules
  • Division Procedure Manuals
  • Building & Facilities Procedures
  • Evaluations & Pay Increase Procedures
  • Client Records Requests Procedures
  • Conflict Resolution Procedures
  • Disciplinary Action Procedures
  • Dress Code
  • Employee Committees & Teams
  • Work Schedule & Leave Request Procedures
  • Travel & Reimbursement Procedures
  • Driver Policy (and Procedures
  • Shift Differential Policy