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Board Approval Policy



      Approved 6/20

      The following items are considered IDB policies and require Commission Board approval of any non-clerical updates or changes:

      • Gifts & Bequests Guidelines
      • Business Engagement Policy (last updated and approved 12/19)
      • Driver Policy (last updated and approved 12/19)
      • Hiring and Affirmative Action Policy
      • Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
      • Purchasing & Procurement Policy
      • Social Media Policy
      • Staff Training & Continuing Education Policy

      The below items can be altered as authorized by the Director without obtaining Commission approval. These items pertain to the daily operations, personnel management of the agency:

      • Work Rules
      • Division Procedure Manuals
      • Building & Facilities Procedures
      • Evaluations & Pay Increase procedures
      • Client Records Requests Procedures
      • Conflict Resolution Procedures
      • Disciplinary Action Procedures
      • Dress Code
      • Employee Committees & Teams.
      • Work Schedule & Leave Request Procedures
      • Travel & Reimbursement Procedures