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      Hilary Mallett on the job at Nationwide.Hilary Mallett is a 2012 graduate of the Adult Orientation and Adjustment Center at the Iowa Department of the Blind.

      Originally from Silicon Valley, California, Hilary Mallett began experiencing vision loss in 2007 while still a resident of that state. Though the company she worked for tried to accommodate her, she eventually lost her job due to her lack of adaptive skills. A move brought her to Des Moines in 2010 and as a result of positive contacts with Orientation Center alumni and IDB vocational rehabilitation staff, Hilary decided to become a student at the Center.

      After graduating from the program Hilary continued working with her Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Rosie Thierer. At Rosie’s suggestion, she attended the six week Financial Services Academy (FSA) at DMACC in July and August of 2012.

      Her current employment by Nationwide Insurance in Des Moines as a P/C Customer Service Representative at the company’s offices downtown is the fruit of her labors. Recently, Hilary wrote, “I am pretty excited to be finally working again. I have no doubt that completing my orientation classes at the IDB helped me get here.”

      “As a result of networking through the FSA classes, I was able to find out about some positions at Nationwide and Wells Fargo Financial Services. I decided to go ahead and apply online for these positions, and after a few interviews, I was offered a job. Now I’m working with Nationwide and IDB to make sure that I have all of the tools that I need to be successful in my job. It has been challenging, but I feel pretty lucky to have the support of the IDB as I re-enter the workforce. It has been over six years since I have worked, and I’m really happy.”