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Perhaps you would like to hire a blind or visually impaired person, but are unsure they could fill any jobs at your business. We'll survey your workplace to determine suitable jobs for blind persons, analyze specific jobs and explain how a blind person could perform each job.

Unsure what to do if a blind or visually impaired employee is not performing his or her assigned duties? Contact us. Our primary goal will be to evaluate the situation to determine whether training, new technology, or vocational counseling is needed. The Department does not believe employees should only be retained because the employee is blind or visually impaired.

Technical Support

Technology changes everyday, whether it is corporate technology or access technology that blind and visually impaired employees use. Our technology staff maintains current knowledge on technology trends. Contact us if you have questions about how technology changes at your workplace will impact your blind or visually impaired employees' technology, if you encounter problems with the access technology used at your workplace or if you have other technology questions.

Employer Training

We will provide training to supervisors regarding employment and supervision of blind persons, and general consulting to company on blindness and vision issues.

We can also create a customized presentation based on your needs. We know many people have questions about blindness. Our staff give hundreds of presentations each year on a number of topics and questions ranging from "Why do we see people walking around downtown with blinders on?" to "How can I make my web site accessible?"

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