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If a meeting room is not reserved for an IDB program or activity, non-profit organizations or state government agencies may request use of IDB meeting rooms. IDB does not allow use of IDB facilities for private or for-profit use.

Rooms available to be used by eligible organizations include the Assembly Room and the Director’s Conference Room. Groups may use other rooms in the building when working with IDB staff on collaborative programs.

The Assembly Room may be set with chairs in rows or chairs at round tables. IDB will not provide custom set-ups and groups are asked to return tables to their original configuration before leaving.

Groups are expected to wipe down tables and dispose of all trash and recycling before they leave the building.

IDB reserves the right to cancel a room reservation if IDB’s operational needs change and require use of the room at the scheduled time.

If a non-IDB sponsored meeting is held outside of the hours where the front desk is staffed, the group is expected to provide a person to sit in the front lobby to greet and direct meeting participants. IDB will unlock the door one half hour before a meeting and will lock the door one half hour after the meetings start time. The group will be responsible for letting in participants outside of this time frame.

Groups using IDB’s meeting rooms are expected to bring their own computers and projectors. They may have use of our guest wifi network. There is a projection screen available in the Assembly Room and one can be provided in the Director’s Conference Room. Please state whether or not you will require microphones and audio amplification at the time of the request.

Please contact the Executive Assistant to the Director regarding room reservation requests.

Last Updated 3/22