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Resources for Businesses

Department training emphasizes adaptability, and sometimes few adaptations have to be made to accommodate blind employees. If accommodations are required, the Department will help you meet those needs and others. We will arrange, and in many instances pay, for needed tools and equipment modifications

  • We have trained technology staff with years of experience in integrating access technology into corporate technology.
  • Our staff can identify alternative methods for completing job tasks and offer training to the employee on those methods and any assistive devices that may be needed. 
  • We have worked with many employers on defining essential functions of the job.
    Commonly, possession of a valid driver's license is listed as a requirement when actually the ability to travel is essential. We educate employees on how to obtain personal drivers to ensure they can meet the employer's need for driving to locations across the state and beyond. 
  • The Department is able to produce work related materials in Braille or audio formats as needed by the employee. 
  • Our Employment Specialists perform worksite assessments to determine your unmet employment needs and, in many cases, refer a qualified candidate.

Job Retention

Do you have a valued employee who is experiencing significant vision loss? Job retention is an important part of our employment services. We will provide training in methods used by blind persons, or job retraining, at no cost to you. Our goal is to return the employee to the his or her workplace, or assist in finding suitable employment elsewhere.

Retaining an employee with who has become blind or severely visually impaired saves you money. The loss of expertise and experience impacts your bottom line and costs you in terms of institutional knowledge and value of work. Consider referring that employee to the Department.