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      The many faces of success are the result of services offered by the Iowa Department for the Blind.
      The Iowa Department for the Blind believes all Iowans can lead productive, fulfilling lives – including those who happen to be blind or visually impaired. The Department supports and encourages independent living and full participation in life – at home, at work and in communities.  Read about some of our success stories.

      Robert's Story

      An Iowa Falls man works to educate the local community about white cane laws.
      Read Robert's Story.

      Hilary's Story

      A 2012 graduate of the Adult Orientation and Adjustment Center attends theFinancial Services Academy (FSA) at DMACC and lands a job at Nationwide.
      Read Hilary's story.

      Bob's Story

      When a Northwest Iowa resident faced vision loss after becoming unable to continue in his established line of work, he finds a way to make a good living on his own, doing what he loves--gunsmithing.
      Read Bob's story.

      Bonnie's Story

      This Fort Dodge resident lost her sight to macular degeneration in her 60's but it hasn't slowed her down. After facing the problem head-on she completed the Orientation Center, returned to independent living in her apartment, and is a leader of her local vision loss support group.
      Read Bonnie's story.

      Anna's Story

      Dowling High School student has benefited from the educational materials services available from the Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped and is a repeat winner at the Iowa Braille Challlenge.
      Read Anna's success story.

      More Success Stories

      These are just a few of our many success stories.  Through the Department's programs and training, many blind and visually impaired Iowans have retained their jobs or gone back to work.  Click here to see a listing of the types of jobs currently held by blind Iowans.